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The company's purpose: "Dedicated to plant protection, benefiting mankind".

Company philosophy: "For the happiness of employees, to be responsible for the progress of society, to strive for the survival of the enterprise, and to learn for our own development".
Company policy: "Market-oriented, brand is life, safety is guarantee, environmental protection is the foundation, technology is the soul, and management yields benefits."
Company spirit: "Entrepreneurship, innovation, truth-seeking, truth-seeking".

Company vision
Serve global farmers wholeheartedly and become a world-class agrochemical enterprise.
company mission
We provide innovative and excellent product quality, establish mutual trust and reliable strategic partnerships with customers, and create opportunities and conditions for success.
Company strategy
Science and technology innovation, integration and coordination, leapfrog development, leading technology, achieving employees and benefiting society.
Core values
National level: Prosperity  Democracy  Civilization  Harmony
Social level: freedom  equality  justice  rule of law
Personal level: Patriotic  Dedicated  Honest  Friendly

Humanities construction

 Yisheng is committed to building a broad development stage for employees, with "selecting, using, and creating" as the human resource management The core mechanism, the achievement of the company's career and the future of employees. Yisheng pays attention to creating a harmonious and creative working environment for employees, fully stimulating their potential, and striving to cultivate a professional, passionate and creative talent team!


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