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Throughout the development and growth of Shandong Yisheng Industrial Co., Ltd., it is closely related to technological research and innovation. The company has a green technology research institute with an investment of 2 billion in the Changshu Suyu Biomedical Industrial Park. There are more than 50 doctoral students and graduate students in the research institute, which are the company’s technology R&D work provides strong support.

In recent years, the company has developed and formed 2 new technology products of glufosinate-ammonium and the parent drug of glufosinate-ammonium; undertook the technical innovation project 2 of Shandong Province, key support of Shandong Province Regionally introduced 1 items of urgently needed talents, and 1 items of Jining’s key research and development plan, and obtained 4 invention patents and 14 Authorization of span> utility model patents, registered trademarks of 7, obtained software copyrights of 5, participated in the formulation and publication of 5 group standards< span>27 corporate standards. At the same time, in order to further standardize management, the company also carried out ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001, ISO45001 international quality, environmental , Energy, occupational health and safety management system certification.

At the same time, the company actively develops industry-university-research cooperation and has established long-term cooperative relationships with universities such as Xi'an Jiaotong University. Through the combination of theory and practice, the company introduces cutting-edge technologies at home and abroad, introduces, digests, and absorbs, and realizes re-innovation. The company has also established cooperative projects with various well-known domestic enterprises to achieve breakthrough innovations in key technologies.


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