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Safety is the red line and lifeline of an enterprise and the prerequisite for all of our work. The company fully implements the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", and comprehensively improves technology and management. 2020 At the end of the year, we signed a five-in-one smart safety management system agreement with Jiangsu Anyuan Company to realize the management innovation model of real-time monitoring of all elements of safety production, intelligent analysis of potential accidents, smart safety management, and emergency coordinated command .

At the same time, in order to continuously improve the safety management level of the enterprise, create a professional, standardized and high-level safety management team, and realize the safe production and operation of the enterprise, the company will start the month of 2021 in 7. 1 held the launch ceremony of the safety management improvement project with DuPont Sustainable Solutions on 1. This is not only an important measure for us to improve our corporate management capabilities, but also an important measure for our company to achieve the five-year climbing plan, which is of great significance.

We always adhere to "safety and environmental protection work, there is only a starting point, no end, always on the road." Always adhere to the red line of meeting emission standards, adhere to the bottom line of legal disposal, so that the company can steadily move forward on the dual track of environmental protection, law compliance and environmental and social responsibility. . In order to better do the company's environmental protection work, the company started the preparatory work of new RTO and other equipment and facilities in 2020.

In the future, we will also continue to adhere to the corporate tenet of safe production, green environmental protection, and healthy development, and regard safe production as the core value of the company; the habit of safe behavior becomes the core corporate culture; the continuous implementation and improvement of safety responsibilities become the responsibility mission.


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